Heavy stoner-riffs, a thick bassline, groovy drums combined with a roaring voice form the unique massive sound of Conquered Mind from Esslingen.

At the end of 2009, Conquered Mind was founded by the remaining parts of the former rock-band "Raintown". After some time of experimentation, the stoner-sludge-band Conquered played their first show in April 2010. Since then, Jan (voc/guit), Benni (guit), Phil (bass) and Zehner (drums) worked on their songs and played shows with popular stoner-bands such as Monkey3, Glowsun and Grandloom. On June 28th .2013, Conquered Mind released their first EP "Dusty Summer", followed by many further shows (e.g. with Karma to Burn, Stoned Jesus, Mars Red Sky, The Midnight Ghost Train and Siena Root) and festivals (e.g. "Esslingen frisst Staub" and "Hell over Esslingen"). On November 27th 2015, their first full-length-album "Conqueror" was released via gegentrend-Records.